GYRO 500 X4

With V-shaped arms, the GYRO 500 x4 is the main model in the GYROFLY fleet of aircraft. Developed and produced in Brazil, it has great flight stability, is compact, lightweight, rugged and suitable for operations that require agility and precision in flight. Ideal for aerial imagery companies or public / private security companies.


• PROPRIETARY technology (structure, hardware and software);

• CAVE and ANATEL Certification (in progress);

• Carbon fiber Structure offering greater robustness;

• Easy transport and ease of assembly;

• Programmed flights without the need for use of remote control;



• Flight controller board with navigation: includes the following sensors: three accelerometers, three gyroscopes, three magnetometers, barometric pressure sensor, ultrasonic sensor (optional)

• Speed controller board: modules with power of 100 to 600 Hz for motors (ESC) - all-in-one

• GPS antenna: With 10 Hz refresh rate

• Radio control 2.4 GHz: GRAUPNER MODEL MZ-18 (9 channels) - two-way communication (flight data in the radio display)

• Radio telemetry for data and controls by computer: ZigBee ™ modules (1 PAIR OF MODULES XBee-PRO 900hp (S3B) - Optional Item


• Structure: Monobloc using aeronautical carbon fiber and has V-shaped aerodynamic arms, offering greater dynamic stability resulting in ease of control for users.

• Engines (power): 4 x 500 W

• Propellers: 15 "diameter - carbon fiber


• Lithium Polymer Battery: 14,8V / 6200 mA-hr. / 25C

• Battery charger: Touchscreen Operation | 3.0 inch color graphics display | Load current - 0.1-8A / Discharge current - 0.1-3A | LiPo 1-6S | Power supply: 110-240 VAC


  • Atitude automatic control
  • Altitude automatic control
  • Automatic Vertical taking off and landing (VTOL)
  • Automatic return (Come Home)
  • Automatic positioning through GPS (GPS Positioning Hold)
  • Automatic flight through waypoints
  • Direction automatic control (Carefree)
  • Flight plan with panoramic grid
  • Flight plan with rectangular grid
  • Flight plan with circular grid
  • Flight and sensor data recorder in 32GB MICRO-SD card
Availabe cameras

    It supports 4K30 / 2.7K60 / 1080p120 fps video
    12MP continuous shooting / 30 qps
    Vision field (FOV): Ultralarge, medium, narrow

  • Sony 30x Camera

    Light and small 30 X zoom
    Remote control controlled zoom with automatic focus
    Line 700 Sony has excellent global performance and high definition image quality

  • SONY RX 100II Camera

    DSLR Sony Alpha A6000 ILCE-6000L Digital camera with 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS E-mount Lens, 24,3MP, reclining display 3" TFT LCD, Electronic viewer Tru-Finder OLED, Sensor Exmor APS-C HD CMOS, BIONZ X Processor, WI-FI with NFC connectivity, Flash, HDMI 4K output, Full HD 1080 60p, continuous shooting of 11 Fps with AF, ISO 25.000.

  • Thermal FLIR TAU 2 Camera

    Spectral response from 7.5 to 13.5 μm; 25 Hz image frequency; focal optical lens with 13 mm length and view field of 34° horizontal x 26° vertical; NTSC/PAL analog video output (selectable); thermal sensibility smaller or equal to 50 mK @ 30 °C and approximately of 0,1 °C, 35 mK nominal.

  • MULTISPECTRAL Mica Sense Camera

    MicaSense RedEdge 5-band multispectral camera
    GYROFLY provides its clients with a high quality multispectral camera.
    With a single shot, it captures five narrowband images simultaneously. Five lenses, five discrete cameras, all working as a camera to provide high quality image resolution and recording all data on a single card.

  • 2D Gyro-stabilized support

    Maximum position control: +/- 10° degrees of scrolling and -110 to 20° degrees of pitch.
    Altitude Accuracy: 0.08°
    temperature operation rate: -10°C ~ 55°C
    Weight : 120 g
    Dimensions: 83.5 × 83.5 × 92.5 mm.

  • 3d Gyro-stabilized support

    Perfect for SONY RX 100II camera
    High precision control system using brushless motors: 0.02 degrees
    Control range: -135 - 90 degrees (pitch) / -35 - 35 (roll)
    Small, light and smart design. Aluminum material.


  • Photography and filming
    Photography and filming: Through high power capture cameras, this drone may be used to capture photographs and aerial filming.
  • Work inspection
    Work inspection: Supervision and monitoring of the construction site. Useful for training, planning and logistics during the construction.
  • Safety
    Safety: Extensive use in civil and military defense area, to be applied in monitoring risk areas, floods, landslides and military services such as surveillance and suspect identification.
  • Telephony
    Telephony: Security and speed in mapping telecommunication towers identifying broken cables or supports and corroded structures.
  • High voltage towers
    High voltage towers: Monitoring and inspection through image allowing minimizing damages through the identification of cracks, corrosions, faults in damaged structures and parts.

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